what is freedom fairs?

Created In May of 2015, Freedom Fairs, a carnival and music festival, was established by two entrepreneurs responsible for the 2015 Global Economic Forum/Global Goddess Artemis Awards in the U.S House of Representatives in Washington D.C. Taking into account the location, the contacts and experience these two were inspiried to create something new and fun not only for the chosen few, but for the entire community to share. Upon the completion of this event, less than three months later, Freedom Fairs became a reality. Freedom Fairs Carnival & Music Festival, a stretch from your average fair, consists of all the elements one can expect from a venue of this type, rides, games, and refreshments of all kinds. However, one of our signature elements (and what sets us apart from the rest) is our stage that plays host to talented up-and-coming local artists of all varieties. In addition to indie performers, many well-known artists will be seen gracing the stage giving parents and young adults something of interest while the children are free to play. Each event will be facilitated by law enforcement professionals for the safety of all attendees. Incidents of any kind will not be tolerated. To date we are proud to say that all Freedom Fairs events are incident-free. Our attendees tend to join our celebration in great spirit, watching our kids enjoy the benefits of our very same freedoms over a nice warm powdery funnel cake.

On the third day of our event we award 3 members of the community with the Freedom Fair Service Awards, in appreciation for the help they provide to our event and the community. On the last day of the event we commence with an elaborate tribute to our veterans. We thought it only appropriate to memorialize the very same men and women responsible for the freedoms we celebrate today. Inspired by the example set forth by our brave men and women in uniform, we believe that people are truly the most important part of any community and should never be forgotten. We look forward to seeing all of you at this year’s Freedoms Fairs Celebration as we celebrate what so many of us truly take for granted: The luxury of Freedom!


Every event is held in honor of the brave men and women of our armed forces who put their lives on the line to ensure our safety and freedom.

Our Mission

We strive to provides families with exciting, fun-filled, summer entertainment in a safe, friendly environment.

Come and meet the talented and caring organizers of the Freedom Fairs Annual Event. Ask them how you can get involved to make this a successful event for the whole community.