According to recent statistics, drug related fatalities have doubled from 2010 to 2014 and continues to rise each year. We believe prevention will have the biggest impact in reversing those numbers. We also believe prevention comes from awareness. So, similar to what the ice bucket challenge did for ALS awareness and research, we came up with the Drug Free Pledge, a simple but powerful personal promise that can be made by each young person around the Nation. While making such a promise to oneself may not guarantee that every young person will go on to never try drugs recreationally, we believe such a proclamation could help ring the warning bells and bring the will to avoid that crucial first contact when they find themselves in such situations among peers.

To make shunning drugs attractive and trending, we are encouraging young people to take the pledge on video and share with their friends on social media. For our events, we are giving away free tickets to rides, or admission where there is one, to anyone who takes the DRUG FREE PLEDGE or posts a video taking the pledge on our social media. We encourage other companies and organizations to also join us in this effort by directly purchasing such tickets for events. In this case, sponsors will directly know the first name and town the tickets went to and could also attend the event where the tickets are being picked up. Companies may also choose to offer discounts or perks in exchange for the pledges up to a limit of how many discounts each sponsor wishes to disburse. In short, we are looking to have as many young people promise themselves, and by extension our community, to shun the use of drugs recreationally. Ultimately, we want to see the number of drug related fatalities go down for the first time in several years.

I pledge to remain drug-free.