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Honoring our Nation's heroes 

The importance of honoring our veterans and remembering their deeds is as relevant as paying our tax.  We as a community must understand that without their actions towards the pursuit of our "Freedoms," we would be the equivalent of any third world country.  As we celebrate the perks of our everyday living, we should never forget how it was obtained.  Through our brave men and women of the armed forces and their unwavering sense of union & pride of country, we can truly say we live in best country on earth.  The U.S. armed forces constantly need our help.  It is up to us as a community to give back, through our support of all policies favoring their benefit.  As we create systems to integrate them back into society, it is important to know upon returning to our soil some set backs maybe integration.  It is important for us to show our appreciation through remembrance and honoring.  Through our Veteran Services portal, our vets will be able to access information, programs, and opportunities geared toward military veterans.  Join us in honoring our men and women in uniform at this years Freedom Fairs celebration.  Having fun and giving back!  We look forward to seeing you there.